Professor Dudley Knowles

The Dudley Knowles lecture is an annual public event which brings a prominent contemporary political philosopher to Glasgow to deliver a talk which uses philosophical theory to address some topic of current concern. See the links opposite to access the lectures.

The lectures commemorate Professor Dudley Knowles (1947-2014). Knowles was a prominent political philosopher who worked at Glasgow from 1973 to 2011, including two stints as Head of Philosophy. As well as making seminal theoretical contributions to various topics (e.g. the philosophy of Hegel, the nature and justification of political obligation, and the value of liberty), Knowles was deeply committed to communicating the importance of political philosophy in a wider context, including through his long-standing membership of the Stevenson Committee. Following his early death from cancer in 2014, the Committee decided to commemorate him by instituting an annual event. The aim is threefold: to emphasise Philosophy’s prominent role in the Stevenson Trust from its foundation; to carry on the work of bringing political philosophy together with its peer disciplines of politics, economics and education; and to show how the best contemporary political philosophy can bring genuine insight to the understanding of citizenship in a troubled modern world.