Borderless Politics

Seeking to improve society’s understanding of how and why firms participate in public life by tracking the political behaviour of large transnational corporations across different activities and venues.

Crafting Electoral Authoritarianism: The Russian Case

Focusing on the changes in Russian electoral legislation that took place between 2005 and 2007.

Expanding, Not Shrinking Social Programmes: The Politics of New Policies to Tackle Poverty and Inequality in Brazil, India, China and South Africa

While people in the West have been preoccupied with the economic crisis and the resulting contraction in social programmes, there has been a marked increase in recent years in government efforts to tackle poverty and inequality in Brazil, India, China and South Africa, four countries which together contain nearly half of humankind, and increasingly set the international agenda. This project will analyse what has happened, why it was possible, and how the governments of each country accomplished it.

Explaining and Mitigating Electoral Violence


A three-year comparative research project to develop tools to understand where, when and why electoral violence occurs, and to assess strategies for preventing it.

The Internet and Everyday Rights

Can the internet champion the causes of citizens in non-democratic states? This project will study the role of the internet in political life in Russia through an analysis of how people seek to fulfil their 'everyday' human rights in gaining access to social services such as pensions and health care.

Investing in women: weaving peace and development in Rwanda

This research addresses schemes intended to incentivise women’s business participation in post-conflict contexts with a particular focus upon Rwanda. 

Legal Cultures in Transition

This project aims to describe legal cultures in Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway and Ukraine, to establish the extent to which legal cultures in Europe are converging. 

Managed Democracy

In Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the end of communist rule has not simply seen a ‘transition to democracy’ but to a different and distinctive type of regime that has been called ‘managed democracy’.

Performance evaluations, trust and utilization of health care in China

This interdisciplinary project establishes a new collaboration among UK researchers and a leading Chinese social research team, to conduct the first major study of Chinese people's attitudes towards their health care. 

Prospects for Conflict Transformation? Non-violence and civil society organisations in Israel and Palestine

The Israel/Palestine conflict is one of the most protracted in contemporary politics and remains a site of conflict, violence and resistance. Embedded in the complex geopolitical dynamics of the Middle East, the conflict is perceived to be critical to regional stability. This project on non-violence seeks to map the dynamics of empathy, dialogue, and trust within situations of conflict through personal, collective, and institutional narratives.

The Putin Succession

Exploring the changes in the Russian political elite from the late Putin period to the early years of the presidency that succeeded him in May 2008, and their domestic and international implications. 

Rising Powers: Unequal Powers, Authoritarian Powers, Unstable Powers?

Examining the increasingly unequal distribution of incomes in China and Russia, based on nationally representative surveys, focus groups, elite interviews, official statistics and the indigenous specialist literatures.

The Virtues of Commercial Society

Prof Christopher Berry's book The Idea of Commercial Society in the Scottish Enlightenment (Edinburgh University Press 2013) focused on the Scots’ conception of commercial society as a distinct and distinctive social formation. This project furthers that work by facilitating follow-up discussion with Japanese academics (including  the putative translator of the book) and by exploring means to formalise an academic network in the study of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Completed projects...