European Consortium for Political Research General Conference 2014

3-6 September, University of Glasgow

The 2014 ECPR General Conference will take place at the University of Glasgow between 3 and 6 September 2014. It is organised by Politics within the School of Social and Political Sciences.

Graduation ceremony in Bute Hall‌Welcome to Glasgow

‌‌We are delighted to welcome all ECPR delegates to the 2014 General Conference. The conference will be held in the main campus of the University of Glasgow, located in the West End of Glasgow.

This year is particularly important for the city of Glasgow and for Scotland more in general. In July-August, the city of Glasgow will host the Commonwealth Games. In September, a referendum will be held to determine whether Scotland wishes to remain within the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.

To organise this conference, we have been able to rely on the excellent support provided by the staff of the School of Social and Political Sciences (Politics in particular), the Glasgow Conference & Visitor Services Office, and the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

Glasgow has recently been voted the friendliest city in the UK and delegates can be sure of a warm welcome and a memorable experience. The 2014 GC will provide an excellent opportunity to experience the unique Scottish hospitality such as whisky tasking, Celtic music, traditional Scottish cuisine, to try some of the world famous golf courses.

Prof. Maurizio Carbone
Chair of Local Organising Committee‌

The University of Glasgow: Aerial View, Gilbert Scott Building, Cloisters‌‌‌‌