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Dr Ewan Gibbs

Ewan Gibbs is Lecturer in Global Inequalities in the Economic & Social History department at the University of Glasgow, contributing to teaching on a variety of undergraduate and Masters' courses.

His research has consistently focussed on the link between long-term economic developments and changes in politics and culture.

His PhD examined deindustrialization and working-class politics in the Scottish coalfields, including an emphasis on collective memory and the long-term consequences of colliery closures. This led to research on multinational subsidiaries and energy policy, and the connection between energy politics and Scottish independence.

All these projects involved archival research using the records of government, industry, and the trade union movement as well as ad-hoc physical and digital collections compiled by social movements and campaigning organisations.

Other important sources are oral history interviews in seeking to understand the enduring significance accorded to working lives and industrial closures as well as to analyse the construction of 'usable pasts' by heritage activists.

Ewan's current projects are based around understanding energy transitions, decarbonisation and connections between fuel sources, arguments for Scottish independence and economic justice.

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Dr Linda Ross

Linda M. Ross is a historian focusing on the fusion of technological, social and cultural histories.

She is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Criminology, Politics and Sociology at Kingston University, working on the Nuclear Spaces: Communities, Materialities and Locations of Nuclear Cultural Heritage (NuSPACES) project.

This role builds on her prior research undertaken as part of her AHRC-funded PhD study with the University of the Highlands and Islands and Historic Environment Scotland, where she examined the social and cultural impact of the Dounreay Experimental Research Establishment on the far north of Scotland.

Prior to joining Kingston University, she was a Research Assistant with Economic & Social History at the University of Glasgow, as part of the Energy Nationalisms project.

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