Postgraduate Research in Business History

Postgraduate Research in Business History

As an indicator of the range and variety of interests covered within the Centre, individual research projects that have been carried out by postgraduate research students have included:



Adrian Cozmuta, “Airline privatisation in Europe and its impact upon labour, performance, and customers”, CBHS Studentship funded by the William Lind Foundation.  Double-degree PhD Programme, 4 years, University of Glasgow and University of Kyoto, commenced  September 2019, supervisor: Ray Stokes and external supervisor: Takafumi Kurosawa, Kyoto University.

ST Hilaire, Macon Linton, “A Spirit of Success?  The Globalisation of the Scotch Whisky Industry, 1918-2018”, CBHS Studentship funded by the William Lind Foundation.  PhD Programme, University of Glasgow, 3 years, commenced in September 2019, supervisors: Niall MacKenzie and Christopher Miller.

Lin Shi, "The effects of green energy consumption on firm performance in China", PhD in Economic & Social History, supervisors: Ray Stokes and Mark Tranmer.

Tambula, Gerald, "The influence of foreign public and private organisations on policy change in developing countries", supervisor: Jeff Fear.

Schnippering, Marvin, "EURECON: the Making of a Lopsided Union: Economic Integration in the European Economic Community, 1957-1992", supervisors: Emmanual Mourlon-Druol and Neil Rollings, 2017-2022.

Todd, Dorothea, "The Freiburg School and the Making of the Euro", supervisors: Emmanual Mourlon-Druol and Neil Rollings.

Hawkton, Gavin, "Media, Public Discourse and the Miners' Strike 1984-85", supervisors: Jim Phillips and Gregory Philo.

McCrossan, Katharine, "The Co-operative Movement in Scotland After 1945", supervisors: Jim Phillips and Catriona M M MacDonald.

Zaatari, Rami, "The Role of the Green Economy in Building Competitiveness and Achieving Sustainable Development in Morocco, supervisors: Jim Tomlinson and Duncan Ross.

Saab, Jade Miguel, "Ideology and the Revolutionary Process: Three Socialist Cases", supervisors:  Helen Yaffe and Benjamin Franks.



Duncan Connors, 'The Role of Political Decision Making in the Decline of the Shipbuilding Industries on the Clyde in comparison to its international competitors, 1945-1977'. (Supervisors Professor Neil Rollings and Dr Duncan Ross).

Alison Gilmour, 'An Examination of Industrial Relations at the Linwood Car Plant, 1963-1981'. (Supervisors Dr Jim Phillips and Dr Arthur McIvor, University of Strathclyde).

Catriona Haston, 'A Comparison of the Effects on Economic Growth of the Expansion of the higher Education Systems of East and West Germany, 1945-1990'. (Supervisors Professor Ray Stokes and Professor Catherine Schenk).

Michael Hughes, 'The Symbolic, Socio-Economic and Exchange Value of Imperial and National Socialist Medals and Badges, 1701 to the Present'. (Supervisors Professor Ray Stokes and Professor Neil Rollings).

Iain McTavish, 'UK Defence Policy, the Defence Industry and European Integration in the 1950s and 1960s'. (Supervisors Professor Ray Stokes and Dr Neil Rollings).

Robert Reid, 'The Rhetoric of Americanisation: Social Construction and the British Computer Industry'. (Supervisors Professor Ray Stokes and Professor Neil Rollings).

Campbell Wilson, 'The UK Renewable Energy Sector: origins and development, 1973-1988'. (Supervisors Professor Ray Stokes and Professor Neil Rollings).