Remembering Raluve Bulikiobo (1982 – 2021), student in Economic and Social History

Published: 10 August 2021

The School remembers Raluve who passed away in March 2021

The School would like to remember Raluve Bulikiobo, who was one of our Economic and Social History students. Raluve passed away in March 2021 just prior to completing her Senior Honours year. She was a valued member of our community whose interest in learning spanned a range of subjects from Business and Social History to Politics. Raluve is remembered as a thoughtful, friendly, and committed student. We remember her work with her peers, including, among other things, a lively and well-received group presentation about sugar production in Cuba. We also remember Raluve’s discussions about her childhood and her family; personal discussions, but also where she wove together emotional connections in academic contexts looking at the history of the family in different global contexts. Raluve had completed enough courses to achieve the MA Social Sciences Ordinary degree with merit. This was awarded and given to her family in accordance with their wishes.  

First published: 10 August 2021

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