SPS team win Professional Services Excellence Award

Published: 3 August 2021

Congratulations to our Sociology Teaching Support team!

Many congratulations and well done to Olive Bredin, Elizabeth Gray, Clare Robertson, and Lesley Scott, the School's Sociology Teaching Support team, who won a Team Award at the University's Professional Services Excellence Awards

For 2021 the University re-launched its Professional Services Excellence Awards to celebrate outstanding activities that promote collegial behaviours which contribute to the success of the University and create a positive culture. 

Award recipients will receive a letter and certificate from the Chief Operating Officer detailing the reason for the award, along with a gift voucher. 

Head of School, Professor Anne Kerr, said: 'Many congratulations to Olive, Elizabeth, Clare, and Lesley on winning a 2021 Professional Services Excellence Team award. I know lots of colleagues have relied on you, especially over the course of this year, as have students, and it’s great to see your work recognised and rewarded in this way. Well done again and thanks so much for everything you do.'

Head of Sociology, Dr Matt Dawson, said: 'We’re incredibly lucky in Sociology to work with Clare, Lesley, Liz and Olive. They are fantastic colleagues who combine their amazing skills at administrating our teaching with kindness and collegiality. This award was made with colleagues like these in mind and we’re all delighted to see them receive their due recognition.'

Head of Professional Services, Michael Murray, said: 'It's great that the University of Glasgow has set up the Professional Services Excellence Awards scheme. Congratulations to Olive, Clare, Lesley and Liz for their well deserved award. These awards are a great way for colleagues to recognise the key roles that our professional services teams play in supporting the wider student and staff experience across the University.'


First published: 3 August 2021

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