2017 General Election special: Tuesday 6 June

Published: 5 June 2017

2017 General Election special: Tuesday 6 June Panel session

As part of the Stevenson Trust for Citizenship 'Election Specials', 6 June will see a panel of experts discuss some of the major questions and issues in Scotland in the run up to the election: Polls, Brexit, the SNP, and the Conservative party. 

The panel line up includes Professor Rob Johns, formerly of the the University of Strathclyde and the current election eve analyst for STV; Dr Ana Langer, a senior lecturer in Politics who has written extensively on the personalisation of politics and prime ministers from Atlee to Cameron; Dr Alan Convery, a former Politics student at the University and now a lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh. He is an expert on the Conservative Party and politics in the UK, and is editor of of the 'British Journal of Politics and International relations'; and Dr Thomas Lundberg who is a popular lecturer in Politics at the University of Glasgow, and specialises in Scottish politics, non-establishment parties (of which the SNP once were), and electoral systems and their implications. 

The discussion will be Chaired by Professor Christopher Carman, Stevenson Professor of Citizenship. 

The Stevenson 'Election Specials' began in 2010 and are held in the in the days immediately prior to a major election or referendum. The events comprise a panel of in-house and external experts to discuss and explain key issues happening at that time. Previous specials have looked at the role of televised debates and social media in an election, and the representation of women. 

The 'Election Specials' are organised by the Stevenson Trust for Citizenship which was established in 1921. The trust offers a series of lectures and events for students and staff, and also works with schools to help young people learn about their rights and responsibilities in becoming active citizens. 

First published: 5 June 2017

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