New staff member: Amparo Tarazona Vento

Published: 21 December 2015

Urban Studies Foundation Research Associate from January 2016

Dr Amparo Tarazona Vento joins the University of Glasgow as Urban Studies Foundation Research Associate in January 2016. Dr Tarazona Vento’s primary research focus is in the areas of governance, urban policy and politics. Specifically, her research investigates the restructuring of urban and regional governance and the contested politics of urban regeneration and city-making, linking economic geography concerns of neoliberalism and the political economy of urbanisation to architecture and globalisation.

Her current and forthcoming publications cover the practices of power involved in urban policy mobility, the politics and implications of entrepreneurial urban regeneration, grassroots politics and place-making, and suburban governance in Western Europe and in the Madrid city region, and include journal articles in International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchUrban Studies and Environment and Planning C and book contributions in two edited books by the University of Toronto Press.

Amparo’s background is in architecture and urbanism. She qualified as an architect and spatial planner following her studies at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She also holds an MA in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes University and a Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) from the Department of Urban and Territorial Planning of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Prior to beginning her PhD at UCL Amparo practised as an architect and urban designer both in Valencia and Madrid. She also worked for the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Madrid where, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, she was involved in the elaboration of the Spanish Building Code.

First published: 21 December 2015

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