New staff member: Maliti Musole

Published: 11 October 2013

University Teacher in Real Estate from September 2013

Maliti Musole re-joined Glasgow University as a University Teacher in Real Estate in September 2013. Previously, he had served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Aside from Glasgow University, where he earned his PhD degree in 2007, Maliti has taught on property degree programmes of the Copperbelt University (Zambia) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa). In Zambia, he also served as a valuation surveyor in financial organisations and the private sector.

Maliti’s research interest is in the field of land use and property market, addressing particularly the following areas: land tenure and land use policy; land use regulation and property/urban development; structure and behaviour of land and property markets; valuation theory and practices; and construction cycles. Research in these areas is ever evolving and cuts across nations, both in the developed and developing world.

In the past, Maliti has had the opportunity to study some of the aforesaid areas. Previous research at master’s degree level, for example, involved the study of correlations between property prices and valuations, as well as cursory investigation into the link between land use policy, property rights and transaction costs. The latter work gave birth to a PhD research project and a thesis, entitled: “Land Policy and the Urban Land Market in Zambia”. Post-doctoral research now extends and develops some of the themes and conceptual issues arising from the thesis. Recent published work (Musole, 2009), for instance, presents an institutional approach (with some land use policy empirical evidence), which holds that there is a relationship between public policy, property rights and economic performance. (Musole, M. 2009. ‘Property rights, transaction cost and institutional change: Conceptual framework and literature review’. Progress in Planning 71: 43-85.)

First published: 11 October 2013

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