Current publications

Current publications

Analysis of latest Scottish economic data

Fiscal implications for an independent Scotland‌‌

Analysis Of Scotland’s Past and Future Fiscal Position‌‌‌

Fiscal Rule & Borrowing‌‌‌ - The Scottish Government’s capital funding options, new borrowing capacity & their relation to the ‘fiscal rule’

UK Spending Review 2013 & the Scottish Government’s budget

Reflections on the latest Oil and Gas related analysis‌‌ by the Scottish Government and the Office for Budget Responsibility

Analysis of the latest economic growth and labour market figures for Scotland‌ - 17th July 2013

Measuring an independent Scotland’s economic performance

Analysis of Scotland's Fiscal Position

Projections of the Scottish Government’s Budget (DEL-based) to 2017-18 - 14th February 2013

Scottish Government’s Draft Budget 2013-14 - Briefing No. 1

CPPR pre Budget Briefing - 19th September 2012

UK Budget 2012:‎ Update of CPPR's reflection's on Scotland's past and future fiscal position

Analysis of the Latest Scottish GDP and Labour Market Figures for Scotland , January 2012

Growth and Labour Market Trends – Trying To Make Sense Of Recent Scottish Economic Statistics

Growth and Labour Market Trends - Trying to Make Sense of Recent Scottish Economic Statistics

The Changing Pattern of Scotland’s Economic Growth Since Devolution 

Financial Implications of Different Fiscal Arrangements for Scotland - updated for GERS 2011

Scottish Government's Draft Budget 2011-12

Public Finance Advisory Note 3

Three Possible Scenarios for the Scottish Budget

Projected Scottish Government's Budget to 2014-15

Independent Advisory Budget Review Panel

Independent Advisory Budget Review Panel final report

Outlook for Scotland's infrastructure - July 2010

CPPR Outlook for Scotland's infrastructure

Health Spending in Scotland

Scottish Budget May 2010

2011-12 – A difficult year for Scotland

Options for Scottish Water

Scottish Water –Threats & Opportunities

Sunday Times Report 2009

Analysis of the fiscal balance of an independent or fiscally autonomous Scotland

Post Œpre-Budget Report 2009 

Update of the Scottish Government's Budget Projections upto 2013-14

Draft Budget 2010- Briefings

The Scottish Government's Budget Growth Prospects And Budget Options

Analysis of SG Budget

Analysis of SG Economic Targets

Analysis of SG GDP Data

Oil and Gas

Analysis Of Government Expenditure And Revenues In Scotland (GERS)

May 2007 Scottish Election