Campus Life

Dumfries Campus is a multi-institution campus which means students studying here have access to the services and facilities provided by the University of Glasgow, as well as the shared facilities and services offered by other business and institutions.

On site, students have access to various facilities as well as the wider estate including Easterbrook Hall, Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa, The Crichton Memorial Church, Crichton Central Cafe and Bar, playing fields, Holiday Inn Dumfries, The Crichton Golf Course and a range of walking, running and cycling routes and paths.

Cafe Rutherford

Based in the Rutherford McCowan Building on campus, Cafe Rutherford is the perfect place for lunch, a coffee or snack - with fresh food and a welcoming atmosphere. Find out more here.

Teaching Garden

Our teaching garden can be found behind the Rutherford McCowan Building on campus. Open to all, our garden is a resource for socialisation, learning and teaching, and research on horticulture, botany, and ecology. Maintained by staff and students, there are lots of ways to get involved. Find out more here.


Our students get access to the University of Glasgow Library at our Gilmorehill Campus in Glasgow, as well as the Dumfries Campus Library, a short 2 minute walk from the Rutherford McCowan Building. The Dumfries Campus Library is managed by the three partner institutions on the Dumfries Campus; the University of Glasgow, the University of the West of Scotland and Dumfries & Galloway College. It is located in the Dumfries & Galloway College Building and provides library services for all students and staff on the campus. University of Glasgow staff and students have access to the print collections of the University of the West of Scotland and the print and online collections of the University of Glasgow. Find out more.


Students at the Dumfries Campus can take advantage of the free gym, located within the Dumfries and Galloway College building. More information about the gym is available online from Dumfries and Galloway College.

Swimming Pool and Spa

There is a swimming pool and spa on campus. Easterbrook Bistro, Bar and Spa provides food and drink all day, as well as a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and beauty therapies. More information is available from the Easterbrook Bistro, Bar and Spa website

The Crichton Estate

The Crichton is an 85 acre parkland estate steeped in history and located in Dumfries, in the south west of Scotland, and is home to the University of Glasgow's Dumfries Campus. The grounds and landscaped gardens are free and accessible to the public all year round, and is a vibrant business and academic community with over 100 businesses and 5 academic partners currently located here. The Crichton Memorial Church sits at the heart of The Crichton, next to the Holiday Inn Hotel and only a 2 minute walk from the rock garden, Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa and Easterbrook Hall.