Teaching Support

ContactJob TitleExtension Key Responsibilities
Lynda Young Learning & Teaching Manager 5089 Exam and Course Management; Lead School Timetabler
Donna Carrick Administrative Assistant 5424 Course Administration for L3, 4.  Depute School Timetabler.  Vacation Scholarships.
Amanda Lynch Administrative Assistant 3986 Course administration for Level 1, 2 and PGT.  Tier 4.
Team Mailbox: psych-teachingadmin@glasgow.ac.uk

Research Support

ContactJob TitleExtensionKey Responsibilities
Claire Gallagher Project Coordinator 3201 Research Management: Grant Applications; Research Costings; Research Funding Initiatives and Opportunities

Head of School & Institute Administration

ContactJob TitleExtensionKey Responsibilities
Dianne Masson Head of School & Institute Administrator 3608 Strategic Planning; Budget Planning and Resources