UofG Neurodiversity Network launched

Published: 3 March 2021

Introducing the UofG Neurodiversity Network

In January 2021, the UofG Neurodiversity Network was launched.

Founded by the School of Psychology’s Dr Chiara Horlin and Dr El Spaeth of the Academic Development Service, their mission is to provide awareness, representation, and promote inclusion of neurodiversity in higher education.

The Network is a collective of interdisciplinary staff and students with lived experience of neurodiversity who endeavour to share resources, information and research about neurodiversity to the University community and beyond. They particularly wish to provide opportunities to co-collaborate with neurodivergent staff and students (current and prospective), as well as connecting with community stakeholders, and both the global neurodiversity movement and higher education community. 

If you would like to be involved in a space for staff and students with lived experience of being neurodivergent, are interested in learning more, or understanding how to support the neurodivergent community through research or teaching, you can find more information below. 

Join in the conversation on Twitter: @UofGNeurodiv

Join us on Teams or find more about active projects and events: http://linktr.ee/Neurodiv  


First published: 3 March 2021