Colloquia 2017/18




Marina Sokhan (City and Guilds Art School) Lasers in conservation science: cleaning objects of art with the infrared
27/09/2017 no colloquium  
11/10/2017 Stephen Watson (Glasgow) Universality Beyond the Dynamic Scaling Hypothesis for Phase-Ordering Kinetics
25/10/2017 David McComb (Ohio) Quantifying Ordering Phenomena Through High-Resolution Electron Microscopy, Spectroscopy, and Simulation
08/11/2017 Frieder Koenig (St Andrews) Optical analogues of the event horizon
22/11/2017 Jena Meinecke (Oxford) Unlocking the origins of magnetic fields using the largest lasers in the world
29/11/2017   Women in Physics Event
6/12/2017 Simon Horseley (Exeter) From lenses to invisibility, the magic of complex numbers in electromagnetism





Ulrik Egede  Can Beauty in particle physics reveal the secrets of the universe? 
24/01/2018 Ana Sanchez (Warwick) 

Electron Microscopy of semiconducting nanowires 


Chris Lintott (Oxford)

Tales from the Zooniverse: Citizen Science in the Age of Big Data 
21/02/2018 Victoria Smith (NERC)  2018 - A Space Geodesy 
07/03/2018 Vagelis Gkougkousis (CERN)  Timing applications in HL-LHC conditions for the ATLAS experiment 
28/03/2018 Peter Mosley (Bath)  The nonlinear route to non-classical light


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