‌The School of Molecular Biosciences is one of eight Schools that sits within the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences and is a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence conducting fundamental and translational life science research underpinning health and food security. 

Our School has significant research contribution at an international level.

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Who We Are

The School of Molecular Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence conducting world-leading molecular life science discovery research that underpins key issues facing our health and food industry sectors. This includes:

  • Key areas of molecular, structural, cell, synthetic, and systems biology
  • Broad range of model organisms (bacteria, yeast, plants, Drosophila, mouse)
  • Mechanistic and molecular research underpinning translational work in humans and cell culture (incl. stem cells)
  • Tackle important challenges facing human health and food security.

Our School boasts a unique breadth of expertise in multi-disciplinary integrative biology, from molecules to organisms and biological systems.

* Athena SWAN Silver Award given to the Institute of Molecular Cell & Systems Biology

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