Postgraduate research students

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  • Allison Claire (French)
    Bringing in the trash - viewing the ‘other’ in ‘lowbrow’ French bande dessinée.
  • Anderson Mcmullan Kirsten (Czech)
    Czech Education and Czech Identity: the role of the state education system in the development of national identity in the Czech Republic.
  • Boyd David John (Comparative Literature)
    Reader (French)
  • Brandt Jean Paul (Text and Image Studies)
  • Conn Jordanna Daniella (Text and Image Studies)
    A Picture Spans a Thousand Years: Jewish Graphic Narratives as ‘Proto-Comics’ in Pre-Industrial Times
  • Dayan-Fernandez Alejandro (Modern Lang Cultures)
    Galician Diaspora in London: language and cultural activism.
  • Finlayson Natalie Eloise (Translation Studies)
    Semantic fields in English and German and their translation in literature
  • Futro Dobrochna (Modern Lang Cultures)
    Translanguaging art: Investigation into multilingual practices of contemporary artists and their implications for language pedagogy
  • Garcia Villanueva Eneida (Modern Lang Cultures)
    Lge ideologies & practices amongst Spa-speaking transnat fam
  • Jacoby Leslie (Modern Lang Cultures)
    A Literary Investigation into the Medieval Creation of Falconry Treatises
  • Le Bervet Charlotte (Translation Studies)
    Ethics in Translation Studies
  • McCormick Lucy (French)
    Buddhism in Georges Bataille's 'Somme Athéologique'
  • Michalovska Beatrice (Slavonic Studies)
    Refugees, migrants, vagabonds: representations of East Germans escaping to the Federal Republic of Germany in the Cold War Russian, Polish, Czech and English language press, 1989
  • Nevrokoplis Konstantinos (Modern Lang Cultures)
    Theo Angelopoulos - Post-Secular Cinema
  • Reilly Hilda (Medical Humanities)
    Rising to Porter's Challenge: An Exploration of the Subjectivity of Sigmund Freud’s Patient, Anna von Lieben
  • Rios Maldonado Mariana (Comparative Literature)
    Ethics, Femininity and the Encounter with the Other in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth Narratives
  • Russo Joseph (German)
    The Worker and the Literature of Social Protest in Germany (1889 - 1933)
  • Schwertner Danielle (Modern Lang Cultures)
    Representations of Race, Gender and Social Class Within the Pages of Glasgow's Nineteenth-Century Comic 'The Looking Glass'
  • Storrie Gareth (Czech)
  • Vezza Christopher (Text and Image Studies)
    From Emblem to Album: Cover Art and Text/Image Interplay.
  • Ward Kenneth (Czech)
  • Yao Zhuodan (Comparative Literature)
    A Comparative Study of Reflective Identity in Irish and Chinese Minority Literature, 1990-2010
  • YU MINLIN (Translation Studies)
    Translating Women’s Language: female power and its construction in Chinese feminist translations of English literature