Catalonia is a small country in terms of size, but its personality, shaped by over a thousand years of history, and its distinct culture and language, have made it both rich and dynamic. Catalonia's origins as a geographical, territorial and linguistic unit date back to the late Middle Ages. Its capital, Barcelona, is a major European city and a favourite tourist destination.

Catalonia's own language is Catalan. This has been the case since the 12th century. When democracy was restored in 1979, Catalan and Spanish were both recognized as official languages in Catalonia.  Despite periods of prohibition and repression, the majority of Catalans still use it today and it is a great asset for job hunting.

Studying Catalan at Glasgow University will give you the opportunity to learn the language and gain official certificates which will certify your level of the language.

Catalan forms part of the optional courses taken by students in their Honours years.

What can I expect in Level 1?

Entrants to Catalan Level 1 should be able to demonstrate some flair for language learning. Preferably, you should have already studied another Romance language such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. In order for you to achieve a high level of competence within one year, our pace of study is rapid.

Catalan Level 1 focuses on all language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course consists of three hours a week and the course aims are as follows:

  • to introduce students to the grammar and syntax of the Catalan language, allowing them to acquire and build on an initial basic vocabulary, and to use the language in comprehension (listening and reading) and production (writing and speaking);
  • to allow students to extend their capacity for independent language learning using a variety of sources;
  • to develop the confidence to communicate in Catalan in everyday situations;
  • to appreciate the need for cultural awareness as a fundamental part of becoming proficient speakers of Catalan.

At the moment the University of Glasgow is offering students the opportunity to take extra optional Catalan lessons. This is one hour a week and concentrates on practice in reading and speaking by tackling Catalan cultural aspects. There is also the possibility to take another extra optional class which consists of two hours a week with the aim of preparing students to sit the Certificate Exams which Institut Ramon Llull (1) runs every year.

What can I expect in Level 2?

If you have successfully completed Catalan Level 1 you may continue with the study of Catalan. You can also join Catalan Level 2 if you demonstrate a good grasp of the language suitable for entrance to this level. Catalan Level 2 Course aims are as follows:

  • to enhance students’ language skills and knowledge of the grammar and syntax of the Catalan language, building on Catalan 1 or equivalent prior learning;
  • to introduce further areas of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions;
  • to enable students to acquire the necessary communication skills to cope with problem-solving situations which can occur in everyday life.

During Catalan Level 2 there is also the possibility of doing extra optional Catalan lessons as described above for Catalan Level 1. These take the same format as aforementioned but they are of a higher level.


During the summer you can continue studying Catalan in Barcelona by enrolling on courses offered by the Institut Ramon LLull.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any further queries please contact:

tel: +44 (0)141 330 4583


(1) The Institut Ramon Llull is a public body founded on the 5th of April 2002 by the governments of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands with the aim of promoting Catalan language and culture by publicizing its creators internationally, promoting artistic and cultural exchanges and supporting Catalan language and cultural studies in universities.