Switzerland in Dialogue 7

 Nations Facing War:
Neutrality, Refusal, Engagement?

 31 October 2014, 14.00 – 16.30
Sir Hugh Fraser Seminar Room
Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow


Stéphanie Leu (Lycée Carnot, Paris)
‘Neutrality at War’

David Archibald and Maria Velez-Serna (University of Glasgow)
Protests and Parades: the First World War in Glasgow’s Cinemas’

Laurence Van Ypersele (University of Louvain)
‘Belgium on the Front Line 1914-1918’

Barbara Burns (University of Glasgow)
‘Bertha von Suttner: Austrian Novelist and Peace Activist’

 Organised by Barbara Burns and Joy Charnley

To reserve a place please email Barbara.Burns@glasgow.ac.uk

Refreshments will be provided.

Generously supported by
Embassy of Switzerland in the UK and Wallonie Bruxelles International