Glasgow Undergraduate Medical ePortfolio

‌The Undergraduate Medical School introduces a Medical ePortfolio (GUMeP) developed in conjunction other Medical Schools in the UK and NHS Education Scotland (NES) it is based on the NHS Foundation years ePortfolio.

Through using GUMeP students will be able to:

  • Keep Personal and Professional Development Portfolios
  • Record and store end of block assessments and other examination marks
  • Store portfolio cases in clinical years
  • Record Supervised Learning Events such as Case-Based Discussions and Mini-Cex
  • Maintain a record of learning activity

GUMeP has other useful functions such as:

  • Team Assessment of Professional Behaviour
  • Consultation and Procedural Skills logs
  • A record of career thinking

Through early use, students will develop their writing skills and acquire the habit of recording and reflecting upon learning activities, essential skills for any medical practitioner and the basis of continuing professional development.  Skills learned through using GUMeP will help in Foundation Years and throughout students’ medical careers.

Access to GUMeP is through the NHS ePortfolio Website