Sample MMI Stations

This video shows a mock MMI station. For this particular station, the Assessor has been asked to score the candidate's empathy and communication skills.

Example 1

You have recently started University and have been working hard on your first assignment which is due for submission shortly.

You mention to a classmate that you are nervous about the assignment. Your classmate replies that they are not nervous as they have found a website where you can pay someone to write an essay for you, which is guaranteed to pass.

How do you respond to this?


An actor will play the part of your classmate.

Example 2

A 15 year old girl attends your practice with her Mother and is complaining of toothache. After your initial examination, you decide to take an x-ray of the tooth.

As part of the routine procedure you ask the patient if there is any chance she could be pregnant. She originally says no, but once her Mother has left the room informs you that she has recently discovered that she is pregnant and is scared that the treatment may harm her baby.

How would you react to this situation?