Inaugural dental drill time-trial

Some of the Dental Runners

Wednesday the 18th of November at 1:00pm, the Glasgow Dental Hospital & School Runners (GDH&S Runners) hosted the inaugural 2.5km time trial in Kelvingrove Park, aptly named the Dental Drill.

There was an excellent turnout ranging from professors, consultants, NHS laboratory staff, post graduate and undergraduate students who all turned up to put their best foot or feet forward. Conditions leading up to the event were certainly forecast to be challenging with the imminent arrival of storm Barney. However a window of calm descended over Kelvingrove Park and a team of marshals led by Robert McKerlie prepared the route in advance.

In the local press recently an article was published expressing that the relationship between dog walkers and runners has been strained. To help build positive relationships between both parties’ discussions took place with a number of the dog walkers prior to the event to give notice and some of the dog walkers even offered to assist with marshalling the event in the future.

At 1:00pm the event kicked off, conditions were not as bad as had been predicted and the sun briefly shone as the runners cascaded their way down and around the periphery of Kelvingrove Park. The route is primarily downhill for the first kilometre then relatively flat, until the 1.5 km point, and then begins the challenging incline to the Lord Robert’s monument, but alas this is still not the conclusion of this challenge, as the lactic acid builds and the lungs begin to strain there is still 300 metres to go. A gradual descent to the finish line awaits, cheered and encouraged all the way, by spectators, marshals and participants.

The Results were as follows:

  1. 1.    Cameron (Guest):      09:08:35
  2. 2.    Neil Nairn:                  09:52:57
  3. 3.    David Conway:           10:33:29
  4. 4.    Stephen Dunn:          10:37:54
  5. 5.    Jamie Kidd:                10:38:49
  6. 6.    Alison Cairns:            10:55:31 (1st Lady)
  7. 7.    Vivian Miller:              10:56:37
  8. 8.    Kat Denholm:             11:12:53
  9. 9.    Angela McKinney:     11:21:16
  10. 10.  Marie Burns:              13:35:06
  11. 11.  Ziad Al-Ani *:             14:17:11
  12. 12.  Francesca Blair:        16:47:11

*Deviated from the official route.


The proposed dates for the next 4 events are as follows:

Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 9th March

Wednesday 20th April

Wednesday 8th June


We meet at 12:30pm at the Renfrew Street entrance with the time-trial commencing at 1:00pm.


The time-trials are the perfect introduction to new runners and an indicator of improvement for those who have participated before.

Everyone at every level of ability is welcome, if you are unsure about participating please come along and support your colleagues and friends and hopefully you will be inspired.

First published: 7 December 2015