The Flying Molars Zip Slide Team Enjoys Success

Published: 24 April 2015

The Flying Molars enjoyed perfect conditions for their fundraising zip-slide across the river Clyde on a sunny Saturday, 18th April.

The FLying Molars

On the sunny Spring afternoon of Saturday 18th of April, ‘The Flying Molars’ team assembled on the glistening daffodil-lined esplanade of the south side of the River Clyde at Bells Bridge, joining the many others there participating in the University of Glasgow fund-raising zip-slide event that day.  Each team member, Archie, Greg, Yulia, Fiona and Hannah squinted to look up to the distant basket hanging 150ft in the air on the other side of the river, next to Finnieston Crane. A tiny dot appeared on a barely visible line originating from the basket. The dot quickly became a zip slider zooming over the river to the platform on the other bank.  Five such dots would soon be Flying Molars team members!

The smiles and laughter complemented the clear blue skies, whilst the nerves and anticipation of each participant were balanced by the slight chill in the crisp, fresh air. The nerves were too much for one team member, Fiona, who was substituted by keen Dental Appeal supporter Barry, who was then harnessed up with the rest of the team and ready to walk over the bridge. With a guest appearance from ‘Pedalling Prof’ Al Ross, on his bike and several other supporters, the team posed for photographs in their helmets.

Fiona and many other supporters stood with cameras poised as first zipper of the group, Barry, zoomed across above the crowds. Next up was Yulia, who seemed to be just a flash of red flying through the air, then Hannah, whose gymnast skills produced a very elegant zip. Archie’s height must have made him less aerodynamic , since he started fast but a slow finish left him short of the landing platform, and he was barely on the ground before Greg’s confident, nearly horizontal  pose had the crowds cheering as he swept  past. Spirits were high as the relieved team members congratulated each other afterwards and reviewed the Video Clips‌.  No one ended up in the Clyde, despite Greg’s claims that an unexpected dip in the river wouldn’t be so bad.

Well done Team ‘F lying Molars’ and thanks to all who donated and/or came along on the day to support the team.The zip slide event has so far raised a total of £726 for the University of Glasgow Dental Appeal and donations can still be made at

First published: 24 April 2015