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Leaving your body to the University of Glasgow is a generous decision, which plays a crucial role in our ability to train students, medical professionals and scientists to the highest standard.

Body Donation improves our knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, allows healthcare professionals to hone surgical techniques, and contributes towards the development of treatments which will benefit future generations.

We maintain the highest levels of care for our donors at all times, in accordance with The Anatomy Act (1984) and the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act (2006), which regulate the use of donations for anatomical examination, training and medical research.

We are aware that many people who are considering Body Donation are also interested in or have already registered as an organ donor. The law around organ and tissue donation is changing to an opt out system in Scotland on 26th March 2021 and it is important that you understand what this means to you. Unfortunately it is not possible to donate both organs for transplantation and your body to Medical Science. More information regarding organ and tissue donation and the choices you have can be found at: This is entirely your decision and whatever you decide, it's important to make sure your donation decision is known to your family and friends.

We would be grateful if in the case of a death you could please call 0141 330 5397 and leave a message and your telephone number, and we will return your call as soon as possible. 

The University is closed at weekends. If you have an urgent enquiry regarding a death, please call 0141 330 5397 and we will return your call during office hours.