MSc in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics

Our MSc in Mathematics, where you can specialise in pure and/or applied mathematics, consists of a vibrant international community of students. We offer a wide range of courses in pure and applied mathematics. At the start of the year, you will meet with your advisor of studies to decide your course options, which will depend on your background knowledge and skills.

MSc students are required to complete 120 credits of courses. At least 120 credits must come from level 5 courses (5M or 5E). You should make your selection carefully based on what prerequisites you have.

To see details of course content for all courses, please follow the link to the course catalogue.

A project, worth 60 credits, is carried out (normally) after the exams. You will choose a supervisor from Mathematics and work on an interesting topic. This will run through the summer and the hand-in date of the dissertation is normally early September.

Please note that to take part successfully in the Mathematics MSc at Glasgow, you must have a strong background in mathematics, combined with enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. The MSc is not a conversion course. We are looking for students with, at least, a 2.1 or equivalent in an undergraduate mathematics degree or another subject with advanced mathematical content, e.g. theoretical physics.

Year Photos

Every year, we take a photo of the MSci and MSc students and some of the staff who taught them. The gallery is below.


Photograph of Maths MSci/MSc students


 Photograph of Maths MSc(i) students 2017


Photo of the MSc cohort in Mathematics (2017/18)

(All photos taken by Jean Jackson.)