Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only look at academic results when making your offers? 

A: No.  We are looking for students who have a strong and genuine commitment to law or to legal study, not just good grades.  You will not automatically be guaranteed a place just because you meet the stated grade requirements.

With the exception of applicants to the 2 year (graduate entry)  degree programme, applicants to all LLB degrees who do not already hold an undergraduate degree are required to take the Law National Admissions test (LNAT) before an offer can be made. The results of the LNAT are an indicator of aptitude for legal study and will be considered along with course grades.

We are also looking for well-rounded individuals. We read your Personal Statement and School/Academic Reference carefully and make our selection on the basis of your application as a whole.  

For graduate applicants especially, weight will be given to those who indicate particular motivation to study law and who, through outside activities, display qualities of leadership and trust, initiative or self-reliance.

Please see our Undergraduate Degree Programme webpages for full details of Entry Requirements:

The University of Glasgow is committed to Widening Participation and we adjust the stated entry requirements for eligible applicants, from ABBBB at S5, based upon completion of a pre-entry programme. See Access Glasgow for pre-entry programme eligibility and adjusted grade requirements: