Why study abroad?

There many reasons for undertaking a period of Study Abroad: Benefits our students report are:

  • academic (in gaining an insight into another legal system)
  • personal (in terms of developing self-reliance and adaptability)
  • linguistic (for those on Law with a Language programmes and others studying in English in a non English-speaking environment)
  • social (in helping you develop a wide network of new friends from many parts of the world).

80-90 students (approximately 45%) of LL.B. Honours students take part in an exchange during their third year.  Almost without exception, students rate their experience highly.

Employers consistently report that they consider participation in foreign study opportunities to be a valuable aspect in an applicant’s CV.

Our programme is one of the most successful in the UK, as acknowledged in evidence by the British Council to a parliamentary committee recently.

Our Study Abroad programme is one of the oldest on campus. The first Erasmus link was established in 1989 with the University of Mainz,Germany, making 2014 the 25th anniversary of Erasmus in Glasgow.