U21 Workshop on “Water and Society” - November 2019

Published: 23 December 2019

I took part in an early career workshop designed to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration on global water challenges.

On 19-22 November, I took part in the U21 Early Career Workshop on “Water and Society” at Lund University in Sweden. The aim of the Workshop was to bring researchers together from many different disciplines to share their knowledge, experiences and current projects from around the world. I met fellow lawyers such as Dr Erin O’Donnell, from the University of Melbourne, whose work I have been following on the rights of rivers, but also had great discussions with Dr Ben Henley, who is a climate change scientist and Dr Anna Kosovac, who researches risk perception and decision-making in governance, both also at the University of Melbourne. 

For the Workshop, I needed to make a poster to communicate my research and as I have never made a poster before, I decided to draw it! The Workshop was an inspiring and challenging experience which emphasises the difficulties but also need for interdisciplinary work to tackle our water challenges. Reflecting this, Ben, Anna and I wrote a piece together regarding the challenges facing water management worldwide and you can read it here.


First published: 23 December 2019

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