Dr Adam Reilly

  • Lecturer (School of Law)


I taught at Coventry University from September 2017 until January 2020, when I took up my current position as a Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Glasgow. Since coming to Glasgow University, I have taught Land Law, Equity and Trusts, Advanced Property and Trusts, and the Land Torts. I also currently serve as the Level Two convenor, and the Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Officer for the School of Law.

Research interests

I am interested in English Private Law generally, with an emphasis upon Property Law, the Law of Trusts (particularly constructive trusts), Unjust Enrichment, and Private Law Theory. I have a particular interest in the conceptual analysis of equitable interests, the ‘mere equity’, and the taxonomy of Private Law remedies.


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I am happy to talk to prospective PhD students about any prospective project in Private Law, particularly those in the Laws of Property, Land Law, Trusts, or Unjust Enrichment. I would also happily discuss projects concerning the analysis of crypto-assets or crypto-currency.


I currently teach Land Law and Equity & Trusts at level two, and have previously taught the Land Torts at level one. I have also taught a section of ‘Advanced Property & Trusts’ at level four.

Additional information

Additional information
  • Adam Reilly, ‘What Do We Mean by 'Remedial' Constructive Trust? English and Australian Perspectives’, SLS Annual Conference 2021, Durham University, 31st August – 3rd September 2021
  • Adam Reilly, ‘Phillips v Phillips and Bona Fide Purchase of an Equitable Interest’, Invited Seminar, Property Law Discussion Group, University of Oxford, 09th June 2021
  • Adam Reilly, ‘What was Lord Westbury ‘up to’ in Phillips v Phillips? Bona Fide Purchase, Priority and ‘Mere Equities’’, SLS Virtual Annual Conference 2020, University of Exeter, 1st – 4th September, 2020
  • Adam Reilly, ‘Neither ‘Institutional’ Nor ‘Remedial’: Court-Ordered Trusts in English and Australian Private Law’, College of Law Staff Seminar, Australia National University, 29th January, 2020
  • Adam Reilly, ‘Categorising Equitable Rescission: Rights, Remedies and Unjust Enrichment’, SLS Annual Conference 2019, University of Central Lancaster, 03rd – 6th September 2019
  • Adam Reilly, ‘The Correct Interpretation of Phillips v Phillips: Bona Fide Purchase of an Equitable Interest’ – New Work in Property & Trusts Workshop, UCL Faculty of Laws, 01st May 2019
  • Adam Reilly, ‘Is the ‘Mere Equity’ a Legal Power?’ – ‘Work in Progress: Property and Equity’: Modern Studies in Property Law, UCL Faculty of Laws, 10th – 12th April 2018