Past visitors

The School of Law has been hosting annually an Alan Rodger Postgraduate Visiting Researcher since the 2016/17 academic year. The post is advertised every year.


Lucinda Kirby BA (Hons) MA

Lucinda Kirby, a PhD candidate from the University of Liverpool, joined us as the first Alan Rodger Postgraduate Visiting Researcher. Her interests lay in the administration and social application of law in fourth-century Egypt, and her research focussed largely on papyri, whose number is ever increasing with new excavations and newly published texts. Her dissertation examines provincial administration, the administration of local justice and access to justice, and the higher offices of provincial government and their dissemination of imperial law. During her time in Glasgow, she studied a collection of papyri held in the University's Special Collections.


Eva-Maria Kuhn

Eva-Maria Kuhn joined us in 2017/18 as our second visitor. She has been a barrister since 2009, while also working at the Institut für Römisches Recht in Cologne and studying under Prof Detlef Liebs of Freiburg i. Br. Her thesis, prepared under the supervision of Prof Liebs, is titled 'Der Bischof als Richter. Ortskirchliche Rechtspraxis im Zeitalter des Augustinus von Hippo' ['The bishop as judge: Legal practice at the local church in Augustine's time'].