Impact and Knowledge Exchange

Our research in the theme of corporate law has an impact on law-making, implementation and enforcement and on the wider administration of justice.

In recent years, members of our research staff have demonstrated impact and knowledge exchange in the following examples: 

Irene-marie Esser

Irene-marie acted as an External Consultant to the King IV Committee on Corporate Governance in South Africa. Reference has been made to her work in the recent King IV Report on Corporate Governance following her inclusive stakeholder protection approach. They quote directly from an article she co-published with Prof Jean du Plessis (Deakin University) and also referred to work that she did with Prof Piet Delport (University of Pretoria).

Irene-marie featured in the South African Financial Mail (women 2017) edition. See page 21 at:

Irene-marie received the prize (with the co-author) for the best article published during 2016 in the Journal of Contemporary Roman Dutch Law. This journal has 4 editions per year. It was for this article:
Esser and Delport, Shareholder Protection in Terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 available at


Iain MacNeil

Professor MacNeil is Senior Adviser on a major project awarded by the EU Commission to the consultancy Mileu Ltd. (EU tender FISMA/2015/084/B – Framework Contract for Assistance Services in the field of Compliance Assessment). The project is investigating national implementation of EU legislative measures in the financial sector on behalf of the Commission. The project team comprises a Project Director from Milieu Ltd, three Senior Advisers and 56 analysts (two from each Member State).


Konstantinos Sergakis

Consultation response to the proposed revision of the French corporate governance code AFEP/MEDEF, April 2018. AFEP MEDEF consultation response - Sergakis

Consultation response to 'Consulting on a Revised UK Corporate Governance Code', Financial Reporting Council, February 2018.  Read Dr Sergakis's response here.

Consultation response to 'Best Practice Principles for Shareholder Voting Research', BBP Group, December 2017. Read Dr Sergakis's response here.


Javier Solana

Awarded two scholarships under the Legal Research Programme of the European Central Bank (ECB) to conduct research on the limits to the new powers of the ECB under the Banking Union, and on the possible frictions between insolvency law and bank resolution regimes in the EU. The latter of this research projects was presented to the ECB and EU financial regulators at the ECB Legal Conference in Frankfurt in September 2017.

Submitted a response to an open consultation of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on a series of proposed measures on the regulation of collateral re-use (May 2016). Link:

Invited to present his research on the role of central banks in promoting sustainable finance to representatives of EU financial institutions, policy makers and non-governmental organisations at the 1st Change Finance Forum organised by Finance Watch in Brussels in December 2017.