The Glasgow Law Fellowship

The Glasgow Law Fellowship


The Scheme

The purpose of the Fellowship is to allow visiting scholars to spend a period of time at Glasgow Law School undertaking a research project and engaging with our academic community.  Glasgow Law Fellowships are supported through the generous funding of the James and Grace Sutherland Estate.  We anticipate a maximum of three fellowships in each academic year.  Applications must be supported by an academic sponsor, who must be an existing member of academic staff at the University of Glasgow Law School.

Application Process

To apply, please complete the application form: Glasgow Law Fellowship application form.  The form is in two parts. Sections 1,2 and 3 must be completed by you. Section 4 must be completed by your academic sponsor, who will submit the form on your behalf.

They should submit the form to

Applications will be reviewed by the School's Research Committee, which will have regard to (a) the merit of the applicant's project outline and (b) the opportunities for mutual benefit both to the applicant from spending time in Glasgow as a Law Fellow and to the School's research community in benefiting from the Fellow's participation.  The Research Committee will over time seek to ensure that Fellowships are awarded to academics from a broad range of different subject areas within law.

The Context

The school has a vibrant, collegial research community and encourages  the development of interdisciplinary expertise with colleagues across the University through research networks, collaborative events and programming, and an active research student community.

Applicants should be keen on being an active part of a lively research community and on intellectual exchange with its members.  The School, through its research groups, also sustains a full calendar of research events, such as regular seminars, workshops and conferences, which fellows are normally expected to attend and contribute to.  A full list of our staff members is available here and see here for details of the School's Research Groups and Research Themes.



The minimum period of visit is two weeks; however, we encourage applicants to stay for a longer period.  Stays in July and August are discouraged due to the summer break.

Fellows will be provided with workspace and access to facilities and libraries in the School and are offered up to £2000 of financial support to help with travel and accommodation costs.


For enquiries, please contact Marion McGhee


A list of our recent fellows:


Emile Zitzke 

2/2/24 - 30/4/24

Research Topic: International human rights instruments and the law related to childhood negligence


Amanda Cahill-Ripley (International law, conflict and security)

16/10/23 - 18/10/23

Research Topic: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the context of Conflict, Transition and Peacebuilding


Ioannis Kampourakis (Legal Theory)

11/9/23 - 15/10/23

Research Topic: Law and Political Economy in Europe


Andreas Funke (Legal Theory)

1/3/23 - 31/8/23 

Research Topic:  Methods of Legal Reasoning 


Vinicius Klein (Competition Law)

24/2/23 - 24/3/23 

Research Topic: The Challenges faced by the consumer welfare standard in digital markets: legal certainty and economic theory 


Ivano Alogna (Environmental and Climate Change Law)

17/4/23 - 28/4/23 

Research Topic: A comparative Mapping on Just Transition in Europe: The Role of Corporate Accountability and Liability in Tackling Climate Change 


John Lovett (Private Law)

Spring 2023 

Research Topic: The intersection of land reform, human rights, and the transition to a net zero economy in Scotland 


Konstantin Hondros (CREATe)

April/May 2023 

Research Topic: Compounding creativity? Investigating symbolic, legal and economic relationships in the ‘creative component economy’ 


Piotr Mikuli (Public Law)

1/3/22 – 20/9/22

Research Topic: The legal status of the judge in the contemporary constitutional systems


Zalman Rothschild (Law Reform and Public Policy)

16/5/22 – 22/5/22

Research Topic: Positive Pluralism’ and Insular Religious Communities


Luis Eslava (International Law)

8/5/22 – 14/5/22

Research Topic: Broken worlds: new poverty, law and youth violence


Louise Kennefick (Criminal Law Theory)

1/2/20 – 30/5/20

Research Topic:  Reimagining Respect for Persons in the Criminal Law: from Theory to Practice


Arthur Ripstein (International Law)

1/11/19 – 10/11/19

Research Topic: Law of War

Arthur took part in a one-day workshop during his visit and presented a Work in Progress Seminar on 6 November

Arthur delivered in April 2019 the Berkeley Tanner Lectures. To listed to the podcast go to


Bosco Tripkovic (Legal Theory)

16/10/19 – 15/11/19

Research Topic: Metaphysical grounding, human rights, and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)


Pamela Hanrahan (Corporate and Financial Law)

7/7/19 – 17/9/19

Research Topic: Financial regulation

Pamela presented a guest lecture on the topic of ‘At the Limits of law: Regulating for non-financial risk in the aftermath of Australia’s Banking Royal Commission’ on 3 September.


Wendy Ng (Competition Law)

20/5/19 – 19/7/19

Research Topic: Competition law models fit for transplantation? The US, EU, and China

Wendy presented a Work in Progress Seminar ‘Does technical assistance matter in legal transplantation? A case study of competition law in ASEAN’ on 4 June.


David Dyzenhaus (Public Law/Legal Theory)

13/5/19 – 30/5/19

Research Topic: Sovereignty: Contemporary debates and legal theory

David presented a Work in Progress Seminar on ‘Legal theory and the politics of legal space’ on 16 May.