Internationalization and Mobility

The doctoral programme at Glasgow Law School creates ample opportunities for early-career researchers to disseminate their work internationally and to undertake longer research stays in international centres of excellence. The School has relied extensively on the structure of the new ERASMUS + scheme to set up a network for the exchange of PhD researchers with some of the top law schools in Europe.

A secondary platform of exchange relies on a number of bilateral agreements with top range international law schools (Hong Kong University; National University of Singapore; UCLA; Toronto Law School, University of Graz; University of Heidelberg; WzB Belrin). These agreements allow researchers from Glasgow to spend substantial periods of time in our partner institutions, on occasion to receive supervision by local scholars and to use the local facilities to develop their own work while participating in the local research culture.

In addition Glasgow is co-ordinating the doctoral programme in Globalisation and Legal Theory, a signature PhD programme founded on the collaboration of three leading European Universities (the Hoover Chair at the Catholic University of Louvain; The Tilburg Law School and the Glasgow School of Law).