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Nominations for 2021 - 2022 are now closed.

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies Passport Scheme aims to give students in sixth year the opportunity to experience the university environment whilst gaining university credits in a subject area of their choice.



The School of Interdisciplinary Studies’ Passport Scheme aims to widen participation in higher education by blurring the lines between the school and university settings. To achieve this, we are inviting final year (S6) students at Schools in the Dumfries and Galloway region to choose one twenty credit course from one of our degree programmes to study, enabling them to explore a subject of interest while gaining valuable experience of learning in a university setting alongside their final year of school study.

Teachers are invited to nominate students for enrolment in either semester one or two of the 21-22 session. Due to current restrictions, courses will be delivered in a mixed online and face-to-face format, enabling students to participate in the scheme from wherever they are.

What students can expect

Students will be enrolled on to one course of their choice in either semester one or two (see dates below). Prior to their enrolment, students will receive a course handbook and orientation session to help them feel comfortable using university systems, at home in the university setting, and prepared for the 11-week course.

Although delivery will vary depending on the subject chosen, students can expect to receive weekly lectures online via the course’s moodle page. These lectures will be supported by a weekly seminar or workshop, delivered either online or in-person (held at the Crichton Campus), in which the material in the lectures will be discussed and put into practice.

Throughout the semester, students will also be supported by a pastoral supervisor to assist with any queries they may have about learning in a university setting and help them to adjust to this new experience.

What students can gain

By participating in the passport scheme students can not only bank credits in preparation for their future university journey but can also gain insights into a topic of their interest, develop their existing core academic skills, learn more advanced methods and theory relevant to their future careers, or just find out whether university is the right route for them.

Programme dates

Students attending courses in semester one will be invited to an orientation day in the week beginning the 13th Sept 2021, and teaching will run between 20th Sept 2021 and 17th December 2021. Students enrolled on courses in semester two will be invited to attend an orientation day in the week beginning the 10th of Dec 2021, and teaching will run between 10th Jan 2022 and 25th March 2022.

Course options

Students may choose from one of the following courses, available to our first- and second-year undergraduate students. Please note: Although unlikely, the day on which workshops are delivered may be subject to change. However, there are typically repeats or each live session and we will endeavour to arrange a time which fits within your timetable. 

How to Apply

Students must be nominated by a teacher or headteacher using the nomination form, including a short statement from both the nominating teacher and the nominee, and indicating the nominee’s course selection. In the event of high demand, these forms will be used to select candidates for enrolment onto the programme. Successful candidates will be contacted via the nominating teacher in the first instance and will subsequently be asked to provide the information require for full enrolment.

Nominations for 2021 - 2022 are now closed.