About Bacteriology

.Microbial diseases are on the increase worldwide, with threats of pandemics, resurgence of pathogens that had been controlled, and dissemination of antibiotic-resistant pathogen strains. 

We study microbes of both human and veterinary importance, with emphasis on understanding the mechanisms by which they cause disease.  In particular, we attempt to understand the disease-causing roles of microbial factors, such as toxins and adhesins, through study of their structure and function as well as the genetics of their production.  Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem in combating disease and we are studying mechanisms of microbial resistance to these agents.  On the translational side, we have developed new vaccine methodology, which is under commercial development.

Our studies of human pathogens are undertaken in collaboration with colleagues in Clinical Medicine, with several Glasgow hospitals and more widely through the Scottish Infection Research Network (SIRN)