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Maternity Timeline

Maternity Leave: What to do and when


What To do....

You know you’re pregnant

Take a look at the University’s Maternity Leave - Policy the Maternity Leave - Toolkit, the Maternity Leave - Frequently Asked Questions and Shared Parental Leave Policy

You’re ready to tell your line manager

Let your line manager know you’re pregnant as soon as reasonably practicable so together you can undertake any relevant risk assessments (this might also involve a local Health & Safety Officer) discuss your attendance at antenatal appointments and how/when you’d like others to find out about your pregnancy

You’re considering your options for maternity pay and leave

Review the options available and discuss this with your line manager. You might also find it helpful to discuss the options available to you with the College’s HR Team

You’ve decided on your maternity leave dates and payment option

Enter a formal request for maternity leave through Employee Self Service giving the date you plan to begin your maternity leave and the payment option you’ve selected

You receive a Maternity Certificate (MATB1) from your midwife/GP

Forward the MATB1 form to the College’s HR Team. You need to have done this by 15 weeks before you’re expecting to deliver - around week 25 of your pregnancy

Before you go on maternity leave

There are a few more things you should discuss with your line manager:
•Plans for maternity cover arrangements
•Agree handover arrangements
•Discuss and agree how contact will be managed during your maternity leave period
•Will you use the ten Keeping In Touch (KIT) days
•How will you use any annual leave remaining and new leave accrued Return to work plans (if known), including any plans to request a change to working pattern(if known)
•Academic staff should consider the ‌Academic Returners Research Support Scheme

During your maternity leave

Maintain contact as previously agreed with your line manager, including using KIT days Discuss your requirements for returning to work e.g. breastfeeding facilities, risk assessments, workload, additional support, potential training requirements etc

At least 8 weeks before the end of your maternity leave

If you wish to return to work before your maternity leave period ends (52 weeks) you should contact your line manager at least eight weeks before you want to come back

Before you return to work

If you’re considering flexible working arrangements discuss this in good time with your line manager so that the paperwork can be dealt with Will you apply for Childcare vouchers? Academic staff should consider the Academic Returners Research Support Scheme and the Carers’ Conference Fund Consider joining the University of Glasgow Parents & Carers Forum (Yammer), and/or the Parent Buddy Network

Useful Information - Scientists with caring responsibilities

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