Dr Neil Erskine

  • Research Associate (Archaeology)

Research interests

My research interests focus on accessibility and socioeconomic diversity in archaeology, on approaches to socialisation and experience in the deep past, and the Bronze and Iron Ages of southwestern Asia.

On a practical level, I am particularly interested in how colonial legacies inform modern perceptions of archaeology generally, and of the archaeology of SW Asia specifically, and how these contribute to barriers that limit accessibility to the discpline, and inform field practice in the region.

Meanwhile, on a theoretical level, my interests lie in the development of theoretical frameworks suited to interpreting how ancient individuals interacted with and thought about their world, particularly its cultic aspects. I carry out fieldwork in Türkiye (Uşaklı Höyük) and Iraq (Khani Masi) and my research explores the Bronze and Iron Ages in these regions as well as Syria and Anatolia.