Dr Catriona MacLeod

  • Lecturer (History)

telephone: 4617
email: Catriona.MacLeod@glasgow.ac.uk

College of Arts, Room 406, 9 University Gardens, G12 8QH

Research interests

I am a historian of gender in early modern Scotland and Europe, with a particular interest in the history of work and the family in the long eighteenth century. I am currently completing a monograph entitled Women, Family and Domestic Enterprise in Glasgow’s Economy, c.1740-1830 (Forthcoming, New Historical Perspectives). The research conducted for that book establishes a new narrative about Glasgow as a developing city: one that places women and their work centre stage. It uncovers women’s economic activity in the bustling streets of eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Glasgow, tracing links with trans-Atlantic trade, identifying women’s contributions to the household economy and demonstrating the ways that urban women’s work provided crucial structure to support economic development in the city.


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  • History 2A The Social and Cultural History of Europe, 1500-2000


  • Patriarchy, Sex and Gender in Early Modern Europe
  • Urban Lives: Gender, Culture and Society in the 18th Century Town


  • Gender Politics and Power
  • Convener of the MSc in Gender History