Celtic & Gaelic current Research Students

Myra Booth-Cockcroft
The worlds of patron and scribe: examining the literary and historical context of Llyfr Goch Hergest (PhD)

Sofia Evemalm-Kalamakis
Identifying and contextualising place-names containing personal names in the Western and Northern Isles: a comparative survey with reference to mainland Scotland and Scandinavia. (PhD)

Danielle Fatzinger
An exploration of ramantic tales in Scottish manuscripts and editions of Gabhaltais Shearluis Mhoir and Sgeala Muice Meic Dha Tho (PhD)

Joan Marie Gallagher
Chwedyl Iarlles y Ffynnawn as a ‘native' tale: exploring Chwedyl Iarlles y Ffynnawn in its literary, social and manuscript context. (PhD)

Ruairidh MacIver
The Gaelic poet and the British military experience: 1756-1914. (PhD)

Gordon MacKenzie
Minority language media, status planning & linguistic attitudes in Scotland:the attitudinal impact of BBC ALBA. (MLitt)

Martina Maher
The Death of Finn (PhD)

Viktoria Marker
Litreachas Gaidhlig a Sealann Nuadh (MPhil by Research)

Carolyn McNamara
Cultural Continuum: Living astride the North Channel (PhD)

Andrew McQuaid
Defining the genre of tecosc ríg in early medieval Ireland in its historical context. (PhD)

O'Siadhail, Marcas
Rannsachadh coimeasach air na h-aithrisean a rinn na eileanaich air trèigsinn nan eileanan ann an Èirinn agus ann an Albainn anns an fhicheadamh linn (MRes)

Max Quaintmere
Memory and the Ulster Cycle. (PhD)

Cynthia Thickpenny
Key-Pattern in Insular Art: Unlocking Regional Connections and Cultural History, AD 600-1000 (pHd)

Research students in other subject areas co-supervised by staff in Celtic and Gaelic:

  • Niall Bartlett (History)
  • Calum Cameron-White (History)
  • Ross Crawford (History)
  • Alice Crook (English Language)
  • Leonie Dunlop (English Language)
  • Sean Kavanagh (History)
  • Tom MacAilpein (History)
  • Coinneach MacLean (Education)

Recently Completed Theses

Some theses produced by researchers in Celtic and Gaelic include the undernoted, which are all available from the Glasgow Theses Service:-

  • 'The relic cult of St Patrick between the seventh and the late twelfth centuries in its European contexts: A focus on the lives'
  • 'Gaelic place-names and the social history of Gaelic speakers in medieval Menteith'
  • 'Innis-na-Fìrinne: Dòmhnall Mac-na Ceàrdaich (1885-1932) agus a obair fhoillsichte'


Alasdair Whyte (2017) Place-Names of Torosay (Killean) Parish, Mull

Andrew McQuaid (2017) Advice for kings: an investigation into a subdivision of early Irish wisdom literature

Veronika Csonka (2016) Compound words in Scottish Gaelic

Susan Ross (2016) The standardisation of Scottish Gaelic orthography 1750-2007: a corpus approach 

David Cochran-Yu (2016) A keystone of contention: the evolution of the Earldom of Ross

Guto Rhys (2015) Approaching the Pictish language: historiography, early evidence and the question of Pritenic

Nicola Carty (2015) Slighean gu fileantas: an exploratory study of the nature of proficiency in adult L2 Scottish Gaelic

Angus MacLeod (2015) 20th Century Gaelic Poems in their Literary, Sociolinguistic and Political Contexts

Anne Paton (2015) An examination of the evidence for the existence of leprosy and Hansen's Disease in medieval Ireland

Peter Drummond (2014) An analysis of toponyms and toponymic patterns in eight parishes of the upper Kelvin basin

Catriona Gray (2013) The bishopric of Brechin and church organisation in Angus and the Mearns in the central Middle Ages

Claire Nance (2013) Phonetic variation, sound change, and identity in Scottish Gaelic

Elin Eyjólfsdóttir (2012) The Bórama : the poetry and the hagiography in the Book of Leinster

Sarah Erskine (2011) The relic cult of St Patrick between the seventh and the late twelfth centuries in its European contexts : a focus on the lives

Sìm Innes (2010) Cràbhachd do Mhoire Òigh air a' Ghàidhealtachd sna meadhan-aoisean anmoch, le aire shònraichte do Leabhar Deadhan Lios Mòir

Julia Kühns (2009) The pre-19th-century manuscript tradition and textual transmission of the Early Modern Irish tale Oidheadh Con Culainn:  a preliminary study

Janet MacDonald (2010) Iona's local associations in Argyll and the Isles, c1203-c1575

Peter McNiven (2011) Gaelic place-names and the social history of Gaelic speakers in medieval Menteith

Claire Nance (2013) Phonetic variation, sound change, and identity in Scottish Gaelic

Cassie Smith-Christmas (2012) “I've lost it here dè a bh' agam”: Language shift, maintenance, and code-switching in a bilingual family


MPhil (R)

Emma Anderson (2014) The South Harris machair: sources and settlements

Niall Bartlett (2014) The First World War and the 20th century in the history of Gaelic Scotland: a preliminary analysis

Stuart Harris-Logan (2007) Nuair a bha Gàidhlig aig na h-eòin : an investigation into the art and artifice of avifaunal mimesis as a mode of artistic expression in Gaelic oral culture from the seventeenth century to the present 

Aonghas MacLeòid (2012) Innis-na-Fìrinne : Dòmhnull Mac-na-Ceàrdaich (1885-1932) agus a obair fhoillsichte

Ciorstaidh NicLeòid (2012) Briathrachas an iasgaich ann an Eilean Bharraigh

Linda NicLeòid (2012) Baird agus bana-bhaird a' Bhaile Shear thairis air an 19mh linn agus an 20mh linn: orain is dain neo-fhoillsichte agus an co-theacsa