Scotland's Archaeology Strategy

Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy is a ten-year cross-sector initiative aimed at encouraging collaboration to make Archaeology accessible and inclusive: to make it matter.

Archaeology at the University of Glasgow embraces the engaging and inclusive archaeology that is encapsulated by Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy.

We bring several decades of experience in public engagement and community archaeology, as well as a strong commitment to the principles of collaboration, inclusiveness and diversity. 

We invested considerable time and expertise in the development of the Strategy under the leadership of Prof. Stephen Driscoll. We complemented this with a much wider staff contribution to national, regional and thematic Scottish Archaeological Research Frameworks, which played an important role in the Strategy’s development and its delivery.

The Strategy is embedded in our undergraduate teaching across the student career, emphasising the social context of archaeology.

  • Our core first year course, 'Archaeology in the Modern World' uses the strategy to engage the students with an archaeology that is immersed in and beneficial to society. 
  • The field school in their third year includes practical experience in local outreach and community engagement.
  • All of our undergraduate students undertake 25 days of practical heritage experience, including outreach and working with the public
  • We offer a 'Public Archaeology' Honours course, which is devoted to examining the relationships between archaeology as an academic discipline and the broader public and private spheres
  • Our MSc in Material Culture and Artefact Studies offers a work placement option for the final project, which meets Aim 5 in improving links between Universities and museums

Scotland's Archaeology Strategy in our Research