Dr Bracke awarded Leverhulme International Network Grant

Congratulations to Dr Bracke on being awarded a Leverhulme International Network Grant on 'Translating Feminism: Transfer, Transgression, Transformation (ca 1960-1990)'

  • Principal Investigator: Dr Maud Anne Bracke (School of Humanities)
  • Chair of the Steering Committee: Dr Penelope Morris (School of Modern Languages)
  • Start date: 4 January 2016
  • Length of award: 30 months
  • Amount awarded: £108,509

This project brings together scholars from three continents wishing to pursue original, interdisciplinary research focused on the global reach of feminist writing and women’s movements. While the transformation of women’s social status is one of the most significant developments of the post-war period around the globe, little is known about the precise ways in which women’s rights campaigners and thinkers across different national and cultural settings communicated with one another, read and translated each other’s texts, and locally gave new meanings to globally travelling ideas. Such intercultural exchanges, we propose, opened up possibilities for individual and social transformation.
Historical findings and new theoretical approaches will be discussed at three workshops and a major international conference, and disseminated through academic publications and an interactive website containing original resources.

First published: 29 July 2015

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