Scottish Veterans Health Research Group

BPB HSSThe Scottish Veterans Health Research Group was established in 2018 by Dr Beverly Bergman, developing from the Scottish Veterans Heath Study which began in 2012.  The Research Group is located within the Public Health Unit of the University of Glasgow, within the School of Health and Wellbeing.  

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide high-quality evidence-based information on the long-term health of military veterans, to act as an evidence base for policy makers, planners and service providers and to counter the potentially damaging myths and misconceptions about veterans’ health which have developed.  We also carry out research on the health of serving personnel, especially in areas where there may be an impact on long-term health extending into life as a veteran, in order to inform planning for preventive strategies.

Our Logo

Badge of the Scottish Veterans Health Research Group

Our logo symbolises everything to which the Scottish Veterans Health Research Group aspires.  The owl represents the knowledge and wisdom that comes from scientific research.  It is standing on, and therefore vanquishing, the ‘snake in the grass’ of uninformed opinion and sensationalist speculation that is so damaging to veterans. But the snake is also wrapped around a branch, and therefore recalls the ‘Staff of Aesculapius’, the symbol of the Classical god of Medicine, whose daughter Hygeia was the goddess of Health. The colours on the banner represent (L-R) Scotland, the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force, whilst the gold lettering symbolises the inestimable value of service in the Armed Forces. 


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