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London Infant and Family Team (LIFT) 

The BeST? Services Trial (BeST?) is a new study in Croydon and Tower Hamlets supported by the East London Family Court Judiciary.  The study is a randomised controlled trial to determine whether a parenting intervention (delivered by London Infant Family Team - LIFT) is a  more beneficial long-term for children, and a more cost-effective service when compared to social work care (Service as Usual - SaU). 


  • EVERY family with all chidlren 0-5 in care proceedings in a family placement are eligible and must be given a chance to be in the study. 
  • A member of the BeST? study will talk to families and explain the study. 
  • If the family consents to the study they will be randomly chosen to receive LIFT or SaU, much like rolling a dice.‌
  • A research team sees the children and whoever is caring for them 3 times over 21/2 years, regardless if they receive LIFT or SaU. This is how we can determine which service is best.

The BeST? study can help us learn the best way to improve the mental health and placement stability of pre-school children who have come into foster care becasue of abuse and/or neglect.  This study is the first of its kind and if successful can radically transform the way we implement social services for children and families. 


What does the most effective support for children going into care look like?


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