We have a range of international and home students undertaking a variety of research at PhD level, see below:


Our current Postgraduate students

Alisha Aman 

Title of PhD: Integration of Quantitative trait loci and GWAS data to find potential drug repurposing opportunities and associations between cardiometabolic diseases and mental illness.

Funder: The British Heart Foundation

Start date: October 2020

Expected submission date: November 2023

Advisor: Professor Naveed Satar, Dr Rona Shawbridge, Dr Joey Ward


Gonca Kose

Title of PhD: Understanding the Relationship between Future Thinking and Suicide Risk 

Funder: The Republic of Turkey, Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Higher and Overseas Education

Start Date: September 2019

Expected submission date: September 2022

Advisor : Professor Jonathan Evans, Professor Rory O'Connor



Wattana Tejakum 

Title of PhD: Resilience in mothers of adolescents with intellectual disabilities

Funder: Royal Thai Embassy

Start date: September 2021

Expected submission date: August 2024

Advisor : Professor Craig Melville, Dr Deborah Kinnear, Dr Maria Truesdale


Nadia Ahmed 

Title of PhD: Investigating intersectionality method in relation to social disadvantages and mental health ( depression) in women in Saudia Arabia  

Funder : Saudia Arabia Education Ministry 

Start date : November 2017

Expected submission date : September 2022

Advisor: Professor Craig Melville, Dr Kirsty Dunn, Dr Deborah Kinnear


Lauren Fulton

Title of PhD: Taking an asset-based approach to the social inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities

Funder : The Scottish Government

Start date : October 2017

Expected submission date : December 2022

Advisor : Professor Andrew Jahoda, Deborah Kinnear



Elvan Unlu 

Title of PhD: Mental Health PhD Program

Funder : Self-funded

Start date: September 2020

Expected submission date: December 2022.2023

Advisor : Prosessor Rory O'Connor, Dr Ambrose Melson


Lin Cheng

Title of PhD: Nursing Science

Funder: China Scholarship Council 

Start date: January 2022

Expected submission date: December 2025

Advisor  : Dr Deborah Kinnear


Cara Richardson

Title of PhD: Towards an enhanced understanding of suicide risk in men

Funder: Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

Start date: October 2018

Expected submission date: December 2021

Advisor : Professor Rory O'Connor, Professor Kathryn Robb



Kirsty McAllister

Title of PhD:  Investigating the nature and phenomenology of Borderline Personality disorder in young people in the general population.

Funder: MQ Mental Health research

Start date : April 2021

Submission date: April 2024

Advisor: Dr Ruchika Gajwani



Declan McLaren

Title of PhD: ‘Improving Sleep After Stroke: A Behavioural Intervention for Treating Post-Stroke Insomnia'

Funder : SGSSS (ESRC)

Start date : October 2021

Expected submission date : October 2024

Advisors : Dr Maria Gardani, Professor Jonathan Evans, Dr Satu Baylan and Dr Monika Harvey 


Clara Kurtidu 

Title of PhD: Improving cancer preventive behaviours in cancer patients and their families: a feasibility study in a prehab/rehab cancer surgery context 

Funder : Scottish Cancer Foundation 

Start date :  January 2021

Expected submission date : January 2024 

Advisors : Professor Katie Robb, Professor Sharon Simpson, Professor Susan Moug, Dr Christos Theodorakopoulos 


Enock Havyarimana

Title of PhD:  Harnessing the power of integrated data to investigate environmental exposures on ANCA vasculitis risk

Funder:  Marie-Sklodowska Curie ITN Fellowship (European Commission Horizon 2020 programme)

Start date:  November 2019

Expected submission date:  December 2022

Advisor: Dr. Breda Cullen and Professor Neil Basu


Alexandra Rose

Title of PhD: The assessment of low mood, distress and depression in individuals with severe brain injury

Funder : Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability and The Frances & Augustus Newman Foundation

Start Date: September 2019

Expected submission date: July 2023

Advisors: Professor Jonathan J Evans, Dr Breda Cullen


Susanna Bennett  

Title of PhD: Male Suicide Risk and Recovery Factors

Funder: Part-funded by Liam Britton Foundation and Jonathan's Voice

Start date: October 2019

Expected submission date: December 2022

Advisors: Professor Rory O'Connor and Professor Katie Robb


Xingxing Zhu

Title of PhD: Psychiatric phenotypes and brain structure:imaging and polygenic risk score analyses of anhedonia

Funder: the China Scholarship Council and the University of Glasgow

Start date: October 2019

Expected submission date::December 2022

Advisors: Dr Laura Lyall, Dr Rona Strawbridge and Professor Daniel Smith, 


Yawen Zheng

Title of PhD: Mental Health

Funder: Self-funded student

Start date: 13th November 2020

Estimated submission date: November 2023

Advisors: Professor Rory O'Connor and Professor Jonathan Evans


Katerina Pappa

Title of PhD: ‘Working Memory Updating Training and the Rehabilitation of Goal Management After Brain Injury’

Funder: Neurosciences Foundation, the Mortimer and Theresa Sackler foundation and the Margaret Murdoch charitable trust

Start date : October 2018

Expected submission date:  June 2022

Advisors: Professor Jonathan Evans, Dr Kristin Flegal, Dr Satu Baylan


Jessica Wyllie 

Title of PhD: Understanding the relationship between stigma and suicide risk.

Funder: Scottish Association for Mental Health

Start date: January 2022

Expected submission date: December 2024

Advisors: Professor Rory O'Connor and Professor Katie Robb


Natasha Sangha

Title of PhD: Predicting outcomes for bipolar disorder and major depression by integrating circadian, neuroimaging and genetic data within UK Biobank: a machine learning approach

Funder: The Medical Research Council (MRC)

Start date: September 2019

Expected submission date: April 2023

Advisors: Dr Laura Lyall, Dr Breda Cullen, Dr Heather Whalley and Professor Daniel Smith