Professor Graham Watt receives Fletcher of Saltoun award

Published: 14 March 2018

Professor Graham Watt receives the Saltire Society's Fletcher of Saltoun award for "outstanding contribution to Scotland's culture and society" including his founding of the important GPs at the Deep End movement

‌In September 2018, IHW's Professor Graham Watt was awarded the Saltire Society's Fletcher of Saltoun 2018 Award for Science.

Photo of Professor Graham Watt receiving the Fletcher of Saltoun awardThe Saltire Society celebrates the Scottish imagination and gives annual awards for literature, the arts, engineering, architecture, history and heritage. The Fletcher of Saltoun awards seek to recognise outstanding contributions to Scottish society across different walks of life, including contributions to Science, Arts and Humanities and Public Life.

‌‌The awards celebrate the legacy of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, a seventeenth century Scottish writer and politician and a keen patron of the arts during his lifetime. Previous recipients include Tom Fleming, Donald Dewar, George Davie, David Daiches, Robin Jenkins and George Mackay Brown amongst others.

The citation read:

“Professor Graham Watt CBE FRSE is an academic who has had a distinguished career in academic general practice and public health, mostly spent at the University of Glasgow, and who founded the Deep End movement to develop professional support for GPs and their teams looking after the most socio-economically deprived people in Scotland. He has received the Fletcher of Saltoun Award in recognition of his contribution to science.”

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First published: 14 March 2018