WOW (Wellbeing for Older Workers) toolkit: any questions, or experiences to share?

Published: 2 May 2018

Help to build our older workers' toolkit by telling us what you need to know, or share an experience for the benefit of others

Help to build our WOW (Wellbeing for Older Workers) toolkit by telling us what you want to know, or share an experience to help others navigate aspects of working life age 50+.

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Following last year’s IHW staff consultation of older workers the ‘WOW – Wellbeing for Older Workers’ Toolkit is now under construction, led by IHW Project Officer Rebecca Robinson and the IHW Athena SWAN older workers group.

The staff consultation highlighted some themes particularly related to the experience of being an older worker including:

  • career progression;
  • caring responsibilities;
  • health;
  • retirement and pensions.

Submit a FAQ

If you have any questions about any of these issues that could be included in a FAQ section of the Toolkit please let us know! We may not have the answers yet but will try to find them by the time the WOW Toolkit goes live!

Share an experience 

We are also looking for colleagues to share their experience (anonymously if you wish) of, for example:

  • the pensions process
  • preparing for retirement
  • managing a health condition as a 50+ worker
  • managing caring responsibilities as a 50+ worker.

These will then be added to the case studies section of our Toolkit

Send your questions to IHW Project Officer (or anonymously if you prefer via the IHW suggestion box, indicating that your question relates to the WOW toolkit).

First published: 2 May 2018