IHW staff entitlement to training/CPD time: updates to guideline

ECRs (grades 6 and 7) and professional services staff (up to and including grade 5) are entitled to 10 days per year to pursue CPD opportunities. We have recently reviewed and updated our guideline for this and encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the current version. 

Photo of female researcher on laptop in library with coffee and book

If you meet the grading criteria – or you are the line manager of staff members of the relevant grades – please familiarise yourself with this guideline. The aim is to ensure equality of opportunity for all ECR/professional services staff of the relevant grades to acquire professional skills and experience, and strengthen their CV. 

For research staff, the purpose of this time is to enable them to progress against the 12 domains of the Researcher Development Framework. For professional services staff, the purpose is to support their contribution both to the success of the organisation and to their own individual success, as defined in the Glasgow Professional Behavioural Framework.

Access the full guideline

First published: 20 May 2022