Effective bystander online training now mandatory for IHW staff

An important UofG online training course – "The effective bystander" – aimed at helping us to take action, safely and effectively, if we witness inappropriate behaviour is now mandatory for all Institute of Health and Wellbeing staff.

Photo of Professors' Square, University of Glasgow

We all have a responsibility to take action when we witness bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour, whether in the workplace or in our lives outside of work. 

Bystander interventions can take a number of different forms that range from directly confronting the perpetrator about their behaviour to using distraction or interruption and offering support to those on the receiving end.

This online course aims to give a better understanding of:

  • why it’s important for bystanders to take action when they witness inappropriate behaviour;
  • some common obstacles to effective intervention;
  • key intervention strategies and when to use them.

We hope that, by making completion of this short but useful course compulsory, we will be helping to ensure that IHW is a safe environment in which to work, where staff feel empowered to speak up if they witness oppressive behaviour. 

All IHW staff are encouraged to undertake the course as soon as they are able and will be asked to confirm that they have done so at their annual Performance and Development Review. 

Complete the course

First published: 1 May 2018