Deep End medical student conference a resounding success!

Published: 20 June 2023

On 13 May 2023 attendees of this year's Deep End student conference enjoyed a variety of insightful and interesting talks and workshops on topics including homelessness and health, prison health, and social prescribing

The 4th Deep End Medical Student Conference, which took taking place in the Wolfson Medical School Buidling on the 13 May 2023, was a resounding success!

Photo of red stethoscope on blue background

The event was organised by Dr David Blane, and Glasgow medical students Jodie McPherson and Charlie Roth Strachan, co-presidents of the Glasgow University General Practice Society (GUGPS).

The conference aimed to increase awareness around the challenges and opportunities related to "Deep End" general practice.

Since the pandemic, in-person GUGPS events have struggled for participant turnout for several reasons, but despite this and the appealing sunshine a large number of participants enjoyed a variety of insightful and interesting talks and workshops focussing on topics such as:

  • Homelessness health
  • Prison health
  • Mental health in the Deep End
  • Social prescribing
  • Multidisciplinary teams in the Deep End

Many more interesting topics were discussed, and more information is available from the Deep End website or the GUGPS Facebook page.

The event was well-received, with one attendee commenting: 

"It was so nice meeting people with similar interests, the small group arrangement meant I was able to talk to everyone. The speakers were very interesting and have sparked further passion for Deep End issues for me." 

Conference co-organiser and Deep End academic lead David Blane reflected afterwards: 

"It’s great to continue this collaboration between the Scottish Deep End Project and the Glasgow University GP Society. Today’s medical students are tomorrow’s doctors – we want to inspire and support them to become Deep End GPs and, if not, to be equity-oriented and trauma-informed wherever they work."

We are grateful to all our speakers, and everyone who took the time to attend and contributed to the success of this conference. 

Charlie Roth Strachan and Jodie McPherson
Final Year Medical Students

First published: 20 June 2023