WOW are grateful to the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities for their Artist-in-Residence Intern programme and Yixuan Wang for providing the original images for the WOW toolkit. 

Please use the arrows to scroll through the images. 

Child sitting on the shoulders of a grand parent



Career progression


Image of woman climbing a ladder


image of 3 snow capped peaks


Image of feet walking up stairs

Two people on bicycles with sun rising

Image of a piggy bank

Woman with headphones

Two figures talking

Two people talking

Two pople talking

Bar chart with a heart , a dumbell and some broccoli

Two hands reaching out to each other

Two figures walking with their shadows

image of a pair of glasses

image of two hands reaching out for each other

Image with flowers and hearts

Image of pile of books with a mug of coffee next to it

Image of gallery with painting on wall

Image of academic papers and notes

Silhouette and shadow of runner against the sun

Hand holding a heart

Image of cut out figure

image of a dumbell

Mix-up of lots of images with word WOW

image of 2 heads

Image of two figures with one holding the others arm

Image of 2 people with a jigsaw puzzle shape behind them

Image of hand holding toolkit


Blue image with white silhouette of Glasgow University with WOW logo